Call Forwarding Helps You:

  • Never miss an important business call

  • Stay connected even when you’re traveling

  • Protect your time from unwanted calls

  • Gain flexibility in how your business calls are managed

Two Options for Forwarding Your Calls
  1. Sequential Ring

    Gecomp Sequential Ring gives you the power to set rules to have your business calls forward to multiple phone numbers in any sequence you specify. You can also easily update these rules anytime, from your user-friendly Gecomp account online (or even from your mobile app).

  2. Simultaneous Ring

    Don’t take the chance of missing an important call. Gecomp Simultaneous Ring lets you forward calls to as many as five phone numbers at the same time. You specify which numbers to send calls to, and you can change or add to the list anytime through your user-friendly Gecomp account online.

Greet callers the way they want