How Sequential Ring Works For You

  • Calls are forwarded in any order you choose

  • Calls continue to ring multiple phone numbers until someone answers the call

  • If the call is not answered, it is then forwarded to voicemail

Never Miss a Call with Sequential Ring

  1. The Call That Follows You

    When you activate Sequential Ring, an inbound call will ring multiple phone numbers in the order you choose, essentially calling you at different numbers until you pick up, similar to the popular “Find me/Follow me” service. For example, a typical ring sequence might be to ring your desk phone first, then you cell phone, on to your home phone, and then eventually to voicemail.

  2. Callers Always Reach Someone

    If you’re managing a business, Gecomp Sequential Ring can forward calls to several team members or departments in any order you decide. For example, unanswered calls to the Sales Department are forwarded to the Support Department, and so on, until your client’s needs are addressed.

Greet callers the way they want