Take Business Calls From Any Phone, Anywhere

With the Virtual Phone System features from Gecomp, you no longer need to be at your desk to receive calls on your business phone number.

Because Gecomp is managed entirely in the cloud, we can automatically transfer your inbound calls to any number you choose — your mobile phone, for example. That means you can always be “in the office” to answer your calls — whether you’re actually at your desk, working from home, or out on the road. No matter where you are when you answer, callers will only see your business number.

If you can’t take a call, no problem! Your Gecomp Auto Attendant has you covered, 24/7, by greeting callers with a professionally recorded message and a sophisticated Extensions menu to help them reach the right person, department or voicemail inbox quickly.

When your business uses a Virtual Phone System from Gecomp, it will sound and function like a large and established company — giving you plenty of added flexibility in when you work, where you work, and how you handle your calls.

And with your Virtual Phone System’s additional features like advanced Call Routing, Voicemail-to-Email, Conference Calling, and even Voicemail Transcriptions, you will never again have to worry about missed calls or missed opportunities.

Your Virtual Phone System — A Better Way to Stay Connected to Your Business

Answer Your Business Calls on Any Phone

Don’t want to wait by your desk in case an important business call comes in?

Your Gecomp Virtual Phone System will automatically transfer inbound calls to any phone number you want — and your callers will see only your business number.

Greet Callers with Professionally Recorded Messages, 24/7

For those times you can’t answer a call, Gecomp will greet your callers with a professionally recorded, studio-quality message customized for your business — so that every caller is treated professionally, 24/7.

Get Your Voicemail Recordings by Email

Voicemail-to-Email is another way your Virtual Phone System gives you added flexibility in when and where you work. We’ll automatically convert your messages into MP3 or WAV audio recordings, and send the files to your email within minutes after the call.

Route Calls to Any Sequence of Numbers, or Several Numbers at Once

You can easily set your Call Routing preferences online, in your secure Gecomp MyAccount portal. These settings determine where to forward specific callers, or all calls at specific times of day. If you want to route calls to more than one number, you can have them dialed one at a time in a specific order, or all dialed simultaneously.

Read the Transcripts of Your Voicemails

If you’re in a meeting or at an event where you don’t want to listen to a voicemail or simply can’t hear it, your Virtual Phone System offers a great solution: We’ll transcribe the recording and send the written version to your email — so you can “read” your voicemails when it’s convenient.

Help Callers Reach the Right Person, with Sophisticated Extensions

Your Virtual Phone System includes a series of Extensions for your business phone number, which you can assign to individuals or departments. Callers who reach your Auto Attendant’s recorded greeting will hear this Extensions menu, so they can connect with the right person quickly.

Host Up to 94 Callers on a Conference Call

Your Virtual Phone System includes the ability to host conference calls — for up to 94 callers! You set the controls for the call, such as determining if callers can speak or listen only. Because this is a cloud-based system, you can host these conference calls anywhere.

Greet callers the way they want