Use Gecomp Unlimited Extensions to

  • Present the image of a sophisticated and successful company

  • Make it easy for callers to reach the right department

  • Assign extensions quickly and easily to specific employees or departments

  • Offer callers pre-recorded business information

Extensions Help You Boost Productivity While Enhancing Your Image

  1. Set Up Multiple Extensions That Lead to the Same User

    Gecomp gives you the flexibility to set up several virtual extensions that can all forward to the same phone or voicemail. You can use the extensions to forward callers to a single user who covers multiple departments like Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. This is another way to bolster the image that you’re running a large and well-established company.

  2. Present a Professional Business Image

    You can make a powerful first impression by greeting callers with a professionally recorded message that includes a menu of phone extension options. In just seconds, set extensions to link to specific departments individuals, secondary extensions menus, or pre-recorded business information such as locations and hours. Easily set up, edit and remove these extensions as often as you’d like.

  3. Give Callers the Option to Listen to “Info-Only” Messages

    You can also set up Info-Only Extensions, or voicemail extensions, for callers who don’t need to speak with a live representative but are looking for details about your company. Your pre-recorded messages can include your business’s address, directions, or new promotions. This is another great way to give callers a seamless phone experience while saving you time.

Greet callers the way they want