See What Voicemail to Text Can Do For You

  • Read your voicemail messages

  • Stay Connected to your business while in meetings

  • Forward voicemail transcriptions to colleagues

Your Two Options for Voicemail to Text

  1. Automatic Voicemail to Text: Software-Transcribed Messages

    Voicemail to Text Auto uses software to automatically transcribe voicemail messages. A limited number of transcriptions are included free for the admin user on all accounts, and can be added to other users for additional cost per month. You can choose to have these transcriptions emailed to you, sent by SMS text message, or both.

  2. Premium Voicemail to Text: Human-Verified Messages

    Voicemail to Text Premium offers a more sophisticated process for converting your voicemails to text. The system uses software for the initial voicemail transcription, just like the Auto version, but if any words can’t be deciphered, it is sent to a live person for verification or correction. The premium option transcribes unlimited messages each month.

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