Benefits of Using Direct Dial Numbers

  • No transfer or wait time for callers

  • Caller can bypass main office number to reach employee directly

  • Employees appear more professional by offering callers a direct number

Assign Employees a Dedicated Phone Number

  1. Callers Can Dial Employees Directly

    When you sign up for an Gecomp account, callers are automatically presented with an auto-attendant and extensions options. Assigning a Dedicated Phone Number to an employee allows a caller to reach the employee directly, saving them valuable time. Plus, when a relationship has been established between a caller and an employee, a Direct Dial Number can offer a more personal and professional way to connect.

  2. Suits All Types of Callers

    There are two different types of callers: those who are first-time callers and those who know exactly who they need to speak to. For first-time callers, dialing the main office number and listening to the auto attendant prompts is a good way to get an overview of the options to determine who they need to speak to. For those who know who they need to speak to, a Direct Dial Number offers return callers a quick, personal way to connect to the person they need to reach.

Greet callers the way they want