Porting a Number to Gecomp is Easy

  • Get a temporary Gecomp Number

  • Forward your calls to your temporary number

  • Enjoy all the benefits of Gecomp

Here's How to Transfer Your Business Phone Number to Gecomp:

  1. Get a Temporary Gecomp Number

    To get the telephone number porting process started, call Customer Support to receive a Letter of Agency for you to fill out and submit. Once the form has been processed, you will be assigned a temporary number for your new service.

  2. Forward Your Calls to Your Temporary Number

    Porting a number takes 1 to 5 days. During this time, we recommend asking your existing carrier to forward calls from your current business number to your temporary Gecomp number. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of Gecomp even during the transfer process.

  3. Enjoy All the Benefits of Gecomp

    Throughout the process, Gecomp Customer Support will keep you updated on the status of transferring your number. You will be alerted when the process is complete. At that time you can take full advantage of the benefits of the Gecomp virtual phone solution with your existing business number.

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