Access Your Virtual Voicemail

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you’re never out of reach no matter where you are. With eVoice Voicemail, you get more flexibility in handling your business calls plus the ability to manage and easily access your voice messages online from any device. Receive text transcriptions of your voicemails and be notified via email or text when there’s a new message waiting for you.

Forward Your Business Calls

Take a call even after you’ve left the office! eVoice Call Forwarding lets you remain worry-free by easily routing business calls to any number, at any time. Create time-based routing rules to send calls to a colleague when you’re unavailable or forward calls from your typical work phone to your mobile or home phone.

Choose the Perfect Number for Your Business

eVoice offers both local and toll free phone numbers so you can choose the phone number that best represents your business. Present the image of an established and widespread company that customers can trust with a toll free number. Or, if you run a small neighborhood business, a local phone number can help you connect with local clients and other businesses in your area.

Easily Manage Your Calls with Auto Attendant

Efficiently and professionally handle all your business calls 24/7, with the eVoice Auto Attendant. This virtual receptionist offers your callers menu options and extensions, so they can reach the person or department they are looking for to increase client satisfaction.

Greet Callers the Way You Want

Let your eVoice service speak for your business and do the work for you. Create your own professional phone greeting that reflects your company’s image and leaves a positive, lasting impression with your callers. You can also choose music or record promotional offers and upcoming sales for your customers to listen to while they wait.

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